The NEW Game of Selling… It’s a Human Game

In The NEW Game of Selling I outline seven key distinctions that change the game by shifting your focus from products and profits to people and problems. Here are excerpts from four of the seven.

Serve Them

Serve them instead of marketing you. If you focus on marketing you, you’re less likely to connect with how your customer wants to be served.

I suggest that the first moment you meet somebody, add real, not perceived, value. Real value positions you as the trusted voice of choice. Serve them instead of market you.

Align with Their Buying Cycle

Get out of your selling cycle, and align with their buying cycle. In The NEW Game of Selling, we meet a person where she is. Shortly you’ll discover exactly how to do that. You’ll know how to identify the three phases of the buying cycle.

By asking the questions we give you, within a few minutes you’ll know where that person is in the buying cycle.

Focus on Their Destination

Focus on their destination, not your transportation. In 1978, I started a financial planning business called Money Managers, Inc. When people asked me what I did for a living, I said,

“I’m in the transportation business. I help people get from where they are to where they want to be financially. Where would you like to go?”

That response changed the context and created a whole new and different conversation.
Are you focused on your transportation, your vehicle that takes people from here to there, or are you talking about their destination, the place they want to go? People are more interested in talking about where they want to go. Focus on their destination.

Put USA First

Put USA before USP. USP stands for unique selling proposition. Your USP conveys your most attractive and compelling value to the people looking for it. Almost always the USP comes from you, the seller. You create it. You don’t know if people are hearing, getting, and resonating with it, or if it’s missing the mark and going right past them.

USA is your unique service advantage. Your USA is what your customers tell you about how your service advantage is different and unique. The only way to find out your USA is to ask your customers the single most important question of service:

“Why do you buy from me (us)?”

You don’t create your USA; you get it from your customers who tell you in their language what your Unique Service Advantage really is. Start asking your customers,

“Why did you buy from me?”

The NEW Game of Selling™ releases November 1 on Amazon Kindle!

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