30 Lessons Is Mesmerizing, Transformational

“Totally, totally mesmerizing. Absolutely fabulous.
I could have stayed with you for another six hours.
It wasn’t just informational. It was transformational.
You are incredibly sharing. It was one of the best
lectures of any type I have ever heard in my life.
Thank you so much.” — Dr. Rob Gilbert

Listen to “30 Years, 30 Lessons” as soon as you can.
You can listen here to Part 1:

You can listen here to Part 2:

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I’m not an advocate of superlative language.

Words like the best, greatest, fantastic, awesome,
life-changing and world’s leading make people
think or say,

“Yea, sure” or “Prove it” or “Just more hype.”

Superlatives can cause a negative impression.

Specific language is more credible and believable.
It’s also more palatable, potent and persuasive.

During the “30 Years, 30 Lessons” teleconference…

I explained exactly how I built millions of dollars
of intellectual and educational assets, how I sold
hundreds of thousands of dollars of them BEFORE I
even created them, and how I used OPM….

Other People’s $ — to develop, package and pay for

I shared three levels of listening and how deep
“soulful” listening transforms relationships in

We demonstrated how the NEW Profit Model doubles
your revenues, halves your marketing expense and
turns customer service into profit.

We discussed how to get paid what you’re worth by
doing work that’s bigger than you are, and how you
can attract the best and brightest people by expanding
the job rather than shrinking the person.

I said why it’s essential to be an “Alchemist” today,
how to enhance your “Alchemic” ability, and why you
want to partner with someone who is an Alchemist.

I told how I grew $25 into $1.2 million in seven years,
lost $3.4 million in the next two years, made another
million in the next five years, and what I learned
you can use to boost your net worth and prevent you
from losing your shirt.

We revealed the proven and predictable NEW Game
strategy that makes YOU the compelling, chosen,
pre-eminent service provider in your marketplace.

You’ll hear how you can get at no charge my
“21 Ways to Double Your Sales” course and
GIVE IT AWAY TO OTHERS to expand your audience
and build your tribe.

I can go on but I’m sure you can see:

Specifics beat superlatives.

The beauty of making the rules is breaking the rules.

When a message is authentic, credible, heartfelt,
truthful and an honest expression that comes from
someone other than you, it can be powerful.

I shared Dr. Rob’s 43-second voice mail message
above despite a superlative word or two because, it
was a heartfelt expression of his experience being
part of the “30 Years, 30 Lessons” conversation.

Rob is a nationally acclaimed speaker, a Ph.D., a
college professor and a guy whose feedback and
wisdom I respect. I know Rob for 15 years, which
enhances the meaning and value of his words.

You’ve probably heard the story of how Liza came to
another seminar of mine three days after her first,
and when I asked her why, she said because….

“I want more of you.”

Do you think I was “on” that day? :)

“I want more of you” is my performance standard.
It should be yours, too.

What kind of business or career will yours be if
the people you serve want NO more of you?

What kind of relationships will you have if people
have had enough of you?

When we got two hours into the call, I asked if we
should stop or keep going.

They said keep going.
They wanted more.

So “30 Years, 30 Lessons” went for four hours.
Rob said he could have listened for six more.

I could have gone six more because sharing
knowledge, wisdom and experience is a privilege.

Like the principle of the “rice bowl” the more you
share what you know with others the more you
empty your rice bowl and create space for new.

If you withhold what you know, you cheat everyone
who can gain from your wisdom and experience.

Sharing is a deep, soulful cleanse.
It feels good.

It’s a blessing to you for giving.
It’s a gift to those who receive.

The “30 Years, 30 Lessons” teleconference was my
gift to me, to empty my rice bowl and make room
for more.

I gift it to you to add richness to your life.

Don’t put it aside because it’s four hours.
Just start listening today. Take it in chunks.

The lessons are about 3-5 minutes, so you can
glean a lot 15 minutes at a time.

I just listened to the first two hours and wrote a
list of 30 valuable lessons. When I’m done with
Part 2 I’ll send you the complete list of lessons.

About 1 hour and 18 minutes into Part 1 we discuss
what you get as a PLAYER FOR LIFE and various ways
you can capitalize with me as your PARTNER FOR LIFE.

Even if you choose not to be a Player or Partner,
listen to the strategy and game plan, and apply a
variation off this theme to your career or business.


To host a weekly conversation for 30-45 minutes to
discuss how to apply these lessons in real life.

Mark your calendar for FRIDAY at NOON Eastern.


PHONE: 712-580-1100
ACCESS: 12288#

Listen to “30 Years, 30 Lessons” as soon as you can.

You can listen here…

Part 1

Part 2

OR… download Part 1 and Part 2 at the PLAYER FOR LIFE™ page



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Thank you for your support.

Even the Chief Encouragement Officer needs encouragement.

I am excited about the next 30 years.
I’d be thrilled to travel the path with you.

You’re a player.
Thank you for elevating my game.

I’ll meet you on the field.

Mitch, CEO — Chief Encouragement Officer™
“30 Years, 30 Lessons”

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