Avoid Theft of Expectations

Theft is anti-wealth.

It destroys the human spirit and reduces market potential for everyone.

Theft is anti-ecological, corrupts the market, increases injustice, and reduces potential for order and wealth in the world. Theft causes scarcity by taking something that belongs to someone else. Scarcity results when you are robbed of one or more of five sources of wealth. Theft of expectations is on the of five thieves.

Chasing these thieves away enriches the world, attracts money and material wealth, enlivens livelihood and opens the way for spiritual expression. Eliminating these increases your wealth in all dimensions, for yourself and others.

Today, let’s illuminate and eliminate theft of expectations.

One of the biggest killers of human potential and economic prosperity, theft of expectations affects human relationships in every way. How we deal with met expectations AND, more importantly, how we handle UNMET expectations affects our self-confidence and self-esteem. It also weighs heavily in our future choices and decision-making.

Everyone has experienced the disappointment of stolen expectations. This is especially true in the areas of money, business and finance. Every person I know and have ever met has in some way, been robbed of expectancy. This can have a major impact on how you see yourself.

An example of stolen expectations so prevalent in today’s world is the proliferation of “money-making” business opportunities. Being in business for yourself is one of the most challenging of all endeavors. Yet, marketing and advertising claims scream at us every day how we can make tons of money with little work, effort, time, risk or investment. We are told stories of riches beyond our wildest dreams, shown pictures of people on boats, in front of new cars and at the doorway to their luxury homes. The captions usually read or imply,


Think back to the last experience when your expectations were stolen, and how it left you feeling afterwards. Not a pretty picture. This is a crime of the highest magnitude in the spiritual and infinite worlds. Although it is not a true crime in the material and emotional worlds, theft of expectations almost always leaves us poorer economically and emotionally.

Another area in which theft of expectations runs rampant is in the buyer-seller relationship. False expectations relayed by a seller to a buyer of the real benefits and value of a product or service leaves us confused and uncertain, breaches trust and damages long term relationships.

This is why 90% of the people I ask the question, “Do you like to be sold?” will answer “NO!”

Even sellers and distributors of products and services themselves (aren’t we all in some way) dislike being sold. Why?

Because their past experience of having their precious expectations stolen.

Conversely, false interest or expectations by a buyer also diminishes the market. A seller’s time is his stock in trade, regardless of the product or service sold. Wasting time with tire-kickers is wasting life. We all sell something, and everyone has had time wasted by people pretending to be interested. As a professional, it is your job to qualify people more carefully, and spend as much of your time with the HUNGRY FISH as possible. How do you know?

Ask a few simple, direct questions like,

“What is your real time frame for buying, or taking action?”

“If you found what you were looking for, how soon would you want it to start working for you?”

These and related questions point to the most important piece of information you need to know about your buyer to invest your time wisely:

When will you act?

We waste so much time with just about anyone who expresses interest, that we sometimes actually foster and subtlety encourage theft of our expectations by buyers. This can be minimized by asking these questions, and establishing an open dialogue about the importance of respecting time.

I find myself saying much more often,

“I really respect OUR time – yours and mine. I want to make sure we are on the same page. Where in the buying process are YOU? Are you ready, or just getting ready? Are you looking for alternatives to get started right away, or just shopping for now?”

The more you can professionally determine the state of readiness of your buyer, the more efficient and effective will be your interaction.

As a buyer, don’t let people think you are close to buying, if you are not. Be an open and honest buyer, and you can expect your interactions with sellers will be much more professional and enjoyable.

As a buyer, YOU manage the relationship. As a seller, it is so much more fun and productive to work with honest and truthful buyers. It is a measure and reflection of our professionalism to be able to know with certainty where the buyer is in the BUYING CYCLE™.

(For more on The Buying Cycle ™, read February 4 Blog post, “Win the NEW Game of Selling™”).

The ultimate outcome to achieve in all interactions and transactions is:


Maximum gain and minimum waste will result when you eliminate theft of expectations from your life.

Mitch, CEO ~ Chief Encouragement Officer
Avoid Theft of Expectations

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