Rainstorm, Gamestorm, Brainstorm Immersion

Take a 2nd and Final Bite at the Rainmaking Apple.

All I ask is that you… “PLAY It Forward™”

On Saturday February 28 we gathered for Sessi

on 2
of our Rainmakers

Mastery™ Crash Course.

Mike Olie has worked with me for 15 years and he
said this was the “best rainstorm ever.”

This “Rainstorm, Gamestorm and Brainstorm”
immersion altered perspectives of personal value
and had immediate impact on business results.

The distinctions we uncover during 10 “Rainstorming”
conversations are worth a bundle in financial value.

If you and every person in your company listens to
Session 2 of Rainmakers Mastery, you WILL boost
productivity, performance and profit. Guaranteed.

I promise you get at least ONE AHA that will shift
the way you value yourself in the marketplace and
see yourself in the world.

Here’s a distinction that changed my life:


When you listen like your life depends on it, and you
listen like my life depends on it, you transform lives.

Listen to Rainmakers Session 2 as if life depends on it.
It doesn’t, but your business just may depend on it.

If you don’t get ONE BIG AHA, email me and I’ll give
you $167 gift certificate toward anything NEW Game,
the fee Rainmakers invested to participate in this
one conversation.

The real value is 100 times that.

Take a 2nd bite at the Rainmakers apple.

Accept this invitation to take in every nugget
of real world life and business wisdom.

You’ll know why dozens of people jumped into
the Rainmakers Mastery game.

I ask only one thing in return.

“PLAY It Forward!”

Share this page with your friends who will value
real world, real time life and business wisdom.

Get instant access here:

This is the game we play in Rainmakers Mastery:

–> How do you make rain NOW and sustain it.

–> You’ll hear the inside story of what two different
business owners did to double their company’s sales.

–> You’ll learn how two people got moving ahead with
Fortune 500 deals that were on life support.

–> You’ll get the exact game plan three new, start up
entrepreneurs will put in place to quick start their
business and ensure long term success.

–> You’ll see what, in just two weeks, a chiropractor
did to turn his first “Rainstorm” into immediate results.

–> You’ll discover three “business personality” types
and how playing the wrong role can be blocking
your success right now without you knowing it.

[Tony Robbins shared this with us at the
Speakers and Authors Networking Group,
a mind blowing gathering of top experts.]

–> You can download the “Rainmakers Roundtable”
leverage map, with 5 key rainmaking leverage points.

I’m sharing all this because I want to help you
weather this economic turbulence.

I want you to become a Rainmaking master, whatever
your work or job description says.

Knowing how to make rain boosts your confidence
and elevates your market value.

Demonstration is the highest form of mastery.
Session #2 of Rainmakers Mastery is a Rainstorm,
Brainstorm, Gamestorm immersion. It sizzles.

If you don’t get a big return on your time invested,
I expect you to email or phone me and tell me.

If you DO get real value, please “Play It Forward!”
and share with your friends.

They will thank you.

You’re a player.
You CAN change the game.

Start today right here, right now…

I’ll meet you on the field.

Mitch, CEO – Chief Encouragement Officer
Rainmakers Mastery™

P/S ~ Everyone invested $2,000 to be part of our
year-long Rainmakers Mastery program.

That means you are getting and gifting $167 real
dollar value to get access to Rainmakers Mastery
Session #2.

People are jumping in the game every week to get
real time, real world solutions to real challenges
and opportunities.

Wherever you are NOW I invite you to join Rainmakers.
The value is not what you learn, but what you do.

I guarantee you get at least 100% ROI.
We finance it so you can pay out of profits.

You simply cannot lose.

Register here and join the game this week…

If you have any doubt we can help you make rain,
enhance your business and enrich your life…

Read what a small handful of the 100,000 people
I’ve worked with have to say…

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