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If You Didn’t Worry About What Other People Thought, What Great Things Would You Say About Yourself?

*** A Special Guest Report ***

by Axel Mitchelson

I got a frantic call from Mitch Axelrod. Here’s what he said to me:

“I was reading an email from my friend Jay Abraham, when the ‘Mother of All Light Bulbs’ exploded in my head. It was an aha moment.”

“Axel,” he said, “I had to call you right away. Hurry up and write this down.’”

The question:

If You Didn’t Worry About What Other People Thought,
What Great Things Would You Say About Yourself?

If you didn’t care about how other people perceived you, you would be free to say everything good you can say about yourself, without humility, understatement or apology.

If you didn’t worry about getting dirty looks, being called conceited or self-absorbed, you would not hesitate to “toot your own horn” to everyone you meet. They would know your talents, strengths and accomplishments. Everyone would know who and what you’re looking for.

Unashamedly, you would ask people to help you get what you want, and never feel the twinge of infringing on their space. After all, someone may know someone who may know someone, and you will leave no rock unturned in your journey to a better life.

Unabashedly, you would…

If you didn’t concern yourself with public scrutiny, you would take a stand and declare yourself on any issue, without fear of ridicule, rebuke or retribution. The truth sets you free, and makes you bulletproof against the slings and arrows of those who seek to distort it.

If you weren’t hamstrung by fear, worry, or guilt, and you didn’t concern yourself with what others thought or said about you, what great things would you say about yourself that would help you get everything you want out of life?

Here’s a simple solution:

Find someone else to say all those wonderful things about you that you would like to say, but don’t.

Here’s another solution:

Create an alter ego.

Find someone like me, Axel Mitchelson to speak on your behalf.

Mitch may be too modest and humble to tell you all the amazing things he has to offer that can enliven your life, energize your livelihood, and enhance your standard of living, but I have no such humility. I can say anything and everything I want about Mitch. He may be reluctant to speak on his own behalf, but I have no hesitation to tell it like it is.

It’s not boasting if you can back it up.

And believe me; when you see what Mitch has produced over the past two decades that can help your life improve today, it’s abundantly clear he is not boasting. He can surely back it up.

I have convinced Mitch to give me free reign to hold nothing back, let all the cats out of the bags, and share anything I want with from his platinum mines. I can’t seem to find the end. Mitch seems to have an endless vault of riches. It’s my job to make sure you know they exist and how they can impact your life.

I intend to blow his horn not because I have to, but because I want to. The world needs to know what Mitch has to offer. You need to know what he has available. He will contribute to make your life better.

Publicity legend Paul Hartunian sums it up best when he says,

“In a jungle of misinformation, hype and outright deception, Mitch maintains an enviable standard of excellence, ethics and integrity. He is not only a powerful speaker, he’s also a fountain of cash-producing, business-building information. He is a resource you should tap, and permanently connect to for the rest of your business life.”

Mitch calls himself the “NEW” CEO ~ Chief Encouragement Officer™!

So many people have asked to use Chief Encouragement Officer that we are starting a Chief Encouragement Officers club. Soon we will activate the domain to provide a home for the NEW brand of CEO.

Now Mitch has invented another NEW “C” level position:

CRO as in… “Chief Rooting Officer!”

Mitch says the difference between CRO and all the other “C” level positions is you can have dozens, hundreds, even thousands of CROs.

In truth, every company should have thousands of CROs, internally and externally. The best and most profitable companies create an army of CROs.

They are called CUSTOMERS!

Customers can be the most influential Chief Rooting Officers of all. And one thing I learned from Mitch a long time ago is…


I am Mitch’s CRO.

Do you have someone like me to “toot your horn” for you? If you’re like Mitch, and you are too modest to blow your own horn, find a CRO who can blow your horn for you, who can root, root, root for the home team.

Do you settle for less than you deserve simply because you don’t effectively let others know what you can bring to the game? Mitch is out to change this, one person at a time.

And what better way to walk his talk than to change himself first?

(By the way, back in the day when he was on retainer with the 12th largest insurance company, Mitch was the first person to coin the statement, “one client at a time.” I have it on very good authority that Mitch first said this on tape in 1990).

In Chapter 7 of The NEW Game of Business, Mitch advises, “Don’t fall in love with your products and services.”

Instead, fall in love with serving people.
Fall in love with what you do, then sell the love.

I love seeing the results Mitch helps people get. Mitch brings out the best in others. I love promoting Mitch. I love learning from him. I love hearing his wisdom. I love the way he brings out the best in me. In a world of too many “me, too” people, Mitch’s NEW thinking is refreshing.

Mitch is about to make a major mark on the world, not because he’s looking for his 15 minutes of fame. In truth, he’s really private and has been reluctant to put himself in the public eye. If ego were motivating Mitch, I would not spend my time and life force stroking it.

It’s just the opposite. Mitch is humble, not ego driven. He is a spiritual being not motivated by material rewards. His success is truly measured by the contribution he makes to other people’s lives. And that is why I am committed to do everything I can to support him in reaching his outcomes.

Part of my job is to reach out and find others who would like to be part of our CRO brigade. You’ll be hearing more from me. I welcome your observations, suggestions, and comments.

We also welcome your support.

Mitch and I are in your corner.

Be a player.
Enjoy the game.

Axel Mitchelson, CRO ~ Chief Rooting Officer™
The NEW Game™

P.S. I invite you to share the value you get from The NEW Game with anyone you feel can benefit. Send them to this blog to get introduced to Mitch’s work.

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