Seek a NEW Mission: Put People Ahead of Profits!

“There are two types of possible relationships. A person may relate to an object, which is a one-way relationship, since the object cannot reciprocate, or a person may react to G-d and to people, which should be a two-way relationship. Another difference between relating to objects and to beings is that things should be used, whereas G-d and people should be loved.” ~ Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski

The good Rabbi sums up beautifully the distinction between intrinsic value (the dimension of love and spirit), and extrinsic value (the dimension of all things material).

The real world is very important, and to be highly valued.

The spiritual world is the most valuable dimension of all. It’s the world where human beings are valued above all things material. It’s an abundant, infinite world where there is enough for all, and all beings are equal.

It is a world in which, as the Rabbi says, we use things and love people. When we use people and love things, we invert the true order of value in the world.

The title of Chapter 4 of my book, “The NEW Game of Business™” is,

“Seek a New Mission: Put People Ahead of Products and Profits!”

This speaks to an intrinsic approach to business, where the value is highest and the return on energy is best. A NEW Game business puts people first. They understand that both profit-ability and sustain-ability depend upon people.

You need people to buy what your business sells, and you need people to market and serve what your business sells.

People see and feel you differently when you relate to them at the highest dimension of intrinsic value. Connecting person to person is a special experience that maximizes value for both people.

When a company embraces this new mission, they immediately position themselves as a service provider of choice in the eyes of their customers, and an employer of choice in the eyes of their employees.

If you work for or run a company that embraces this philosophy and strategy, I’d like to speak to you. We are looking to acknowledge “NEW Game” companies that put people ahead of products and profits, and include some of those stories into the second edition of “The NEW Game of Business.”

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One more very important thing: Chapter 10 is titled,

“Generate New Money: Profit is EVERYBODY’S Business!”

As important as it is to put people ahead of profits, it’s also vital for each person to contribute whatever he or she can to increase profits. Profit is EVERYBODY’S business.

People and profit are not mutually exclusive. The best companies give the most to their people, and get the most from their profits.

Loyalty Road is a two-way street. It travels both ways.

You must give it to get it.

The paradox of business today is the yin of people loyalty must be balanced by the yang of profit-ability. In the new game, most companies cannot afford redundant employees. Each person must contribute to profit in some meaningful way. That is a new game truth. We are no longer an assembly-line society. People are job secure to the degree they contribute something to the revenue side of the business. If they don’t, they will be out-sourced or downsized.

Expense departments that can be run for less cost somewhere else are most vulnerable. Revenue departments that are cash cows are most secure. Like it or not, this is capitalism at work.

The marketplace decides what it wants, and the companies that provide it with the best combination of intrinsic, extrinsic and systemic value are the most successful.

Clearly, no amount of intrinsic value will overcome a product or service that has no real world demand. At the same time, companies with great real world products and services go down in flames every day because they don’t reach the people who can buy them.

The payoff is highest and best when each person contributes something to the other at all three levels: intrinsic (relationships), extrinsic (results), and systemic (resources). If you want to make a big jump in how people value you, make a big leap to relate to them at the highest value dimension.

Seek a New Mission:
Put People Ahead of Products and Profits!

Mitch, CEO (Chief Encouragement Officer)
Put People Ahead of Profits

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