Crash Rainmakers Mastery Crash Course

Listen or Download Session #1 of
Rainmakers Mastery Crash Course here

If you have anything to do with contributing
to sales, revenues or profits of your company,
I encourage you to listen t

o session #1 of our…

Rainmakers Mastery? Crash Course here:

Session 1 is in two parts.

—> Part 1a: Rainmakers mindset and strategy.

You’ll hear paradigm-busters, shifts in thinking
that immediately alter the way you value yourself
and your work.

You’ll see why, whatever your job or function,
“profit is everybody’s business,” how important
rain is to every business, and why it’s in your
best interest to contribute to sales, revenues
and profits.

I share the ONE most important characteristic
that has enabled me to be the trusted advisor
to thousands of companies from Fortune 500 to
kitchen table businesses. This one quality is
why I’ve become a “mentor to the masters” and
why people call me for a 2nd opinion.

We lift you up to the 30,000 foot level to

your work and your business from on high, then
we zoom in close, nose to nose to view it from
ONE inch away.

You get access to the Rainmakers Roundtable,
the “5 leverage points” map you can use to
identify, isolate and install the most direct
game plan to more sales, revenues and profits.

—> Part 1b: Open coaching and specific Q & A.

Experience rainmaking in action. You hear
strategies and tactics to make more rain
right now. We “rainstorm” with a chiropractor
and a home business owner.

I guarantee you will find at least one nugget
in session 1 of Rainmakers Mastery that will
change your rain game.

If you missed this conversation, here’s your
2nd chance to experience what Dr. Randall Jones
from the UK called,

“Simply awesome.”

If you were with us, you can listen again.
Dive in and grab the pearls and nuggets:


We’re accepting new players into Rainmakers Mastery.

If you’re ready to master one of the most valuable,
in-demand and highly paid skills in the marketplace,
I invite you to join us in Rainmakers Mastery.

I GUARANTEE you will increase your market value,
boost your sales, revenues and profits, and
experience significant personal growth. I will
work with you for all of 2009 to ensure it.

You get 25 hours of private Rainmakers archives,
profit maps and models, plus another 16 hours
working together LIVE throughout 2009.

—>>> If you have $10,000 to $1 million or more of
untapped, unrealized sales, revenues and profits,
Rainmakers Mastery will help you unleash it.

—>>> If you value my advice, counsel and 30 years
experience as a Rainmaker, you get all of me for
all of 2009 as a player in Rainmakers Mastery.

—>>> If you want lifetime access to the BILLION DOLLAR
playbook, 13 business building videos, and the game
changing NEW Game of Selling? training responsible for
$2 billion of new sales and revenues, Rainmakers Mastery
is good for you.

—>>> If you want to join a team committed to your
success, Rainmakers Mastery is the game to play.

If you follow the Rainmakers game plan, you can
have your entire investment back in 30-60 days.
After that, every dollar is profit — forever.

I am committed to help you capture many times
your investment in Rainmakers Mastery, in more
sales, revenues and profits.

You get me fully engaged with you in 2009.

Don’t take my word for it.
Experience it yourself.

Crash the Crash Course Session 1.

You will KNOW if Rainmakers Mastery is for you.
You will KNOW if this is a wise use of your time.
You will KNOW if I am worth your investment.

If you get REAL VALUE from crashing the course,
please comment at the bottom of the AUDIO PAGE:

If you want a 2nd opinion on whether Rainmakers
Mastery is right for you, call me personally at
973-736-1304. We’ll evaluate it.

You’re a player.
Together we can change the Rainmaking game.

I’ll meet you on the field.

Mitch, CEO – Chief Encouragement Officer?
Rainmakers Mastery

P/S ~ If you want a 2nd Opinion on whether
Rainmakers Mastery is right for you, call me
personally at 973-736-1304.

P/P/S ~ We will continue the Rainmakers Mastery
conversation. Please add your comments at the
audio page after you crash the crash course here:

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