Five Webinar Keepers

On Tuesday, March 1 Networking Times Magazine
sponsored my Webinar…
“Rejection Proof Networking!”

This program is filled with golden nuggets, valuable
life skills for business and business skills for life.

Here are a few highlights we discussed:

1) The “Stimulus – Response” Model:
Alters your relationship with the past and enables
decision-making to occur in the present.

Want new outcomes?
Change your stimulus.

Want to change the response you get from others?
Change your stimulus.

Want to change yourself? Choose in the present.
Control the gap between stimulus and response.

Stop reacting from the past.
Respond in the present.

2) “Millionaire to Lunch”:
Ready to eliminate rejection, save dozens of hours of
wasted time, and maximize your network resources?

Three statements will do it: what, why and who!

If you want to rock the world, get crystal clear on,
then tell everyone you can reach:

What you do!
Why you do it!
Who you are looking for!

3) “The Power of Three: The Pyramid of Performance!”
The three key coordinates to triangulate success.

Mindset – Motivation – Method
Purpose – Passion – Payoff
Head – Heart – Hands
What – Why – How

If you want to stop spinning your wheels, and play
at the top of your game, align your head, heart and
hands. Get your mind-set, motivation and method
in sync. Harmonize your purpose, passion and
payoff, get clear on what, why and how, and watch
your performance soar to new heights.

4) The Buying Cycle™:
Satisfied, Dissatisfied, Ready!

I have taught this proprietary model to more than
a million people from 30 countries. It is the single
most important customer model to master.

Aligning with the Buying Cycle changes the game.
Here is the essence.

People move through three phases of buying.
Each is unique, and must be managed uniquely.
Because a person’s state of readiness is different,
outcomes for each buying phase are different.

Success is measured differently in each phase.

1. Satisfied people look for information, maybe!
2. Dissatisfied people look for a trusted advisor.
3. Ready people look for options and solutions.

You want to:

Educate cool suspects (satisfied people).
Get alignment.

Motivate warm prospects (dissatisfied people).
Gain agreement.

Activate ready buyers (ready people, hungry fish).
Get commitment.

Shifting attention away from the selling cycle, and
focusing laser-like attention on The Buying Cycle™
has enabled my clients generate more than $2 billion
in new revenues.

Employ The Buying Cycle™ in your company.
You’ll see instant results.

5) “Five Steps from Mystery to Mastery!”:

I ended with this model that explains why so little
of what we learn produces results or outcomes.

These five steps are essential for new learning to
produce results. There are NO shortcuts.

1) Impact: “whack on the head” – new learning is mystery.
2) Repetition: practice necessary to integrate new learning.
3) Utilization: use it or lose it; the key step to get results.
4) Internalization: do it unconsciously; playing your game.
5) Reinforcement: you master; teach others.

This is the journey from mystery to mastery.

To perform like a master in whatever you do, you
travel the path from unconsciously incompetent
(you don ‘t know what you don’t know), to becoming
unconsciously competent (you know what you know,
no longer think about it, and do it unconsciously).

True masters go one step beyond, to the fifth step.
They are “consciously” unconsciously competent.

They are not doing what they do.
They are being what they do.

I’m reminded of line the comic actor Chevy Chase
said in the movie, Caddyshack:

“Be the ball!”

Mastery is being the ball.

Masters keep elevating their game, knowing they
will never arrive at ultimate Mastery.

Mastery is a fun game. You can play it every day.
Today is a good day to play mastery.

Mitch, CEO – Chief Encouragement Officer™
5 Webinar Keepers

P/S~ Make today the day you eliminate rejection,boost your confidence, get more people referring youcustomers, enlarge your circle of influence, expandyour network resources geometrically, make newchoices, shift the playing field and change the game.

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