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  • Spiritual Economics Is The NEW Game

    Spiritual economics is at the heart of The NEW Game of Business™. It’s about the “Rise of Enlightened Free Enterprise!” Conscious capitalism is compassionate, collaborative, and cooperative. It’s about creating the highest and best for all. In “The Kabbalah of Money” Nilton Bonder defines it this way: “Maximum gain for all parties with minimum disturbance […]

  • Author101 Breeds Book Success

    The wisdom I learned from my friend Rick Frishman and the relationships I made at his author events contributed in a big way to The NEW Game of Selling being a #1 bestseller for three straight months in 2013. Thank you Rick. If you have a book, want to write a book, want to sell […]

  • Show Up, Be There

    Four words I learned early in life influenced me so much I carry them with me every day: “Show up. Be there.” I heard Woody Allen say, “Showing up is 80% of life.” I watched Ann and Ed Axelrod show up and be there for our family. Mom and Dad were always showing up and […]

  • New Year, New Dawn, Begin Anew

    I always think of Autumn as the start of a new year for its religious and spiritual connection, and also from Mother Nature’s perspective. School is back, the leaves change and we harvest our crops. It’s a time to begin again. It is at this time of year that we harvest our bounty according to […]

  • NEW Rules of Interdependence

    Today marks 60 days until I turn 60. I’ve dubbed this time of my life… “Mitch 6.0: A Mighty Big 2nd Wind!” I feel the wind at my back and True North ahead. I’m more creative, innovative, inventive, insightful, wise and clear than I have ever been. The best years are ahead. So how to […]

  • Do We Still Hold These Truths to Be Self Evident?

    Do We Still Hold These Truths to Be Self Evident?

    Originally published 7/4/08 The American Film Institute voted it the 29th greatest American movie quote of all-time. Spit-polished, ramrod straight, eyes ablaze, crimson neck bulging fury, Marine Colonel Nathan Jessep (Jack Nicholson) barks defiantly through his tightly clenched pearly whites: “You can’t handle the truth!” My dad taught me to value truth as sacred. My […]

  • 4 Years in Cali – 44 More Lessons Learned

    On June 17, 2010 I heeded the call to “go west young man.” After 45 days of getting rid of everything I owned, I flew from New Jersey to San Diego with four suitcases in hand. On June 17, 2011 I wrote a blog post of lessons learned called, “One Year in Cali: 365 Days […]

  • A Tribute to My Father, Ed Axelrod

    On this Father’s Day I’m reminded of so many things that make up the man I most admired. I was blessed to have more than 50 years with Ed Axelrod. His passing in 2006 left a big hole in my life. That day he left us I sat at his dining room table and spent […]

  • My Best Friend Gone 5 Years

    I Miss My Best Friend May 20, 2014 Five years ago today my best friend died in my arms. Bruiser the English bulldog was 10. “Man” and dog have a special love affair. Unconditional dog love touches our soul in a forever way. My tribute to Bruiser opened up emotional floodgates. It triggered the biggest […]

  • The NEW Game of Selling Training Replay

    The NEW Game of Selling Training Replay

    If you missed our training, or want to experience it again (it is filled with golden nuggets), here’s what we covered minute by minute: 00:00 Welcome / Intro / Purpose 06:00 Success Happens Fast 10:00 Who Are You? Which position do you play? 15:00 What Do You Want? 19:00 Why NEW, Why Now? 25:00 The […]